Wang Research Publications

  1. Bayesian Inference and Conjugacy Analysis of Exponential-family Models for Social Networks,  R. Wang, M. S. Handcock, in preparation, 2011.

  1. Modeling the Dynamics of Social Interaction and Collaboration: Selective Mixing, Triad Closure, and Sociality, J. A. Kitts, R. Wang, in preparation, 2011.
  2. On the Effect of Correlations on Rank Histograms: Reliability of Temperature and wind-speed forecasts from Fine-scale Ensemble Reforecasts, C. Marzban, R. Wang, F. Kong, S. Leyton 2011. Monthly Weather Review, 139(1), 295-310.
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  3. Linear and Non-linear postprocessing,  R. Wang, C. Marzban, 90th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, January 2010.