Ranran Wang

Dr. Ranran Wang’s major research interests are statistical models and computational tools to analyze relational data, including longitudinal data, social network data, and spatial processes. In previous research work, she quantitatively analyzed data to answer scientific questions in meteorology, sociology, and ecology. She is also interested in optimization methods for statistical simulation and computational Bayesian analysis. She is proficient with mathematical and statistical software including Matlab, R, and SAS. During her Ph.D program, she provided statistical consulting to faculty and students at the University of Washington.


  • University of Washington, Seattle, Ph.D. Statistics 2011
  • University of Washington, Seattle, M.S. Statistics 2011
  • National University of Singapore, M.S. Mathematics 2005
  • Peking University, B.S. Statistics 2003

Professional Experience

Allen Analytics LLC, Stastistician, 2011-present

University of Washington, Research Assistant, 2007-2011

Post-processing and Verification Study in Weather Forecasting: Developed linear regression models and classification methods, as well as their nonlinear analogs (e.g. neural networks) in order to improve ensemble forecasts from numerical weather prediction models. Analyzed temporal and spatial correlations of observations and their impacts on rank histogram verification tools.
Bayesian Analysis of Social Network Models and Applications: Carried out Bayesian inference on exponential-family random graph models (ERGMs) to improve the effectiveness and computational effciency of ERGM and resolve degeneracy issues. Tested and implemented novel Markov-chain Monte-Carlo simulation algorithms. Applied ERGMs to investigate the graphical structure and underlying generation mechanism of social networks.

University of Washington, Statistical Consultant, 2008-2009

Proposed statistical models and sampling methods, conducted data analysis, evaluated study design, assisted with grant proposals. Studies include:

  • Prediction of high exposure of hexavalent chromium for welders and risk factor analysis.
  • Data analysis on survival rate of Golden paintbrush and its association with soil conditions.
  • Study design and analysis plan grant proposal: “Risk factors for encephalopathy in newborns with severe hyper-bilirubin”.

University of Washington, Teaching Assistant, 2005-2007

  • Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
  • Elements of Statistical Methods


  • Travel Grant Awards, Center for Statistics and Social Sciences, University of Washington, 2009 and 2010
  • Harvard Political Network Conference Fellowship, Harvard University, 2009
  • GSFEI Graduate Student Travel Award
  • University of Washington, 2008 and 2009
  • Scholarship, National University of Singapore, 2003-2005

Professional Affiliations

  • Statistical Association
  • International Network of Social Network Analysis
  • American Meteorological Society

ranran@allen-analytics.com · Wang Research Publications