Jonathan O. Allen, Sc.D., PE

Dr. Jonathan Allen has over 20 years of experience in ambient air quality and air quality control research. His current focus is air quality control for coal-fired power plants. He has analyzed the long-term performance of full-scale mercury control equipment using either co-benefit or activated carbon injection.  For these studies he determined the effect of power plant operations on control efficiency, developed empirical process models, and recommended changes to improve mercury control. · Biography · Research Publications

Ranran Wang, Ph.D.

Dr. Ranran Wang’s major research interests are statistical models and computational tools that analyze relational data, including longitudinal data, social network data, and spatial processes. In previous research work, she quantitatively analyzed data to answer scientific questions in meteorology, sociology, and ecology. She is also interested in optimization methods for statistical simulation and computational Bayesian analysis. She is proficient with mathematical and statistical software including Matlab, R, and SAS. During her Ph.D program, she provided statistical consulting to faculty and students at the University of Washington. · Biography · Research Publications