Presentation at Joint Statistical Meeting

Please join us at the Joint Statistical Meeting in San Diego where Ranran Wang will present “Constructing Upper Prediction Limits (UPL) for Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) Emissions” (Abstract # 306641) at Session # 85 on Sunday, 7/29/2012 beginning at 4:00 PM.

Ranran Wang joins Allen Analytics

Ranran Wang joined Allen Analytics in August 2011. Dr. Wang is a full time statistician who recently earned her PhD from the University of Washington.  She has worked with diverse data sets including those from meteorology and social networks.  She is also expert in programming and mathematical modeling.  View her bio here.

EUEC 2012 Presentations

Please join us at the 2012 Energy, Utility & Environment Conference Jan 30-Feb 1 in Phoenix AZ where we will present two papers:

  • Upper Predicted Limits for HAP Emissions from Coal-Fired EGUs Using Stack Test and CEMS Data
    Jonathan O. Allen and Ralph L. Roberson
  • Effect of Plant Operations on Trace Metal Chemistry in FGD Liquor
    Jonathan O. Allen, Derek A. Eggert, and Corey A. Tyree.


Presentation at 2011 AWMA Meeting

Please join us at the 2011 Air & Waste Management Associations Conference & Exposition, June 21-24, in Orlando where we will present:
Statistical Estimates of Long-Term Mercury Emission Limits for Coal-fired Power Plants, J. O. Allen, M. B. Looney, and C. A. Tyree.